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I have been receiving tuition from Languages Services Unlimited for the last three years and have been very impressed with the service that they provide. I have received both group and individual...

Frank O'Callaghan, Head of Actuarial, Capita Life & Pensions, Ireland

The oil exploration business is a global one. To speak the language of your host Government helps immensely in negotiations and relationship building. We at Tullow Oil have used Language Unlimited...

Tim O’Hanlon, Vice President, African Business, TULLOW OIL PLC

Languages Unlimited provided lessons in Basic Spanish, Advanced Spanish and basic French to our employees over the last two years. Their teachers are native speakers which ensured...

Chris Daly, Office Manager, Overseas NEIL Limited

I was very impressed with the high standards that were shown by Languages Unlimited Services when conducting the initial assessment and development of the course outline....

Natasha Ginty, Business Development Manager, Hawaiian Tropic Europe Inc.

Languages Unlimited provide language training in German and English at all levels for our staff across all departments, ranging from group lessons with administrative staff to one-to-one tuition...

Valerie Ward, Assistant to Administration Director, Canada Life Assurance Europe Ltd.
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Università per Stranieri Perugia Examinations Preparation Course

As an official centre approved by the University of Perugia (Università per Stranieri Perugia), we can prepare you for all their certificates in general Italian (CELI) and business Italian (CIC) Italian. These examinations are designed to meet the needs of learners at every level and take place in our premises.


The Certificato di Conoscenza della Lingua Italiana, (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language) or CELI is an internationally recognised qualification of the Italian language destined for foreigners wanting to validate their relative Italian fluency, offered by the Università per Stranieri di Perugia. It is accepted as an official qualification notably by the Italian Ministry of Education and Research and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is one of the qualifications used by foreigners to get entrance into any Italian university or higher education institution.

The CELI qualification represents one of the many Italian Language Examinations and is often taken by applicants with immigration, work and study needs or for pure passion.

CELI UNO - The first level examination tests basic Italian skills. A pass or fail are the results given once evaluation of the completed exam is finished.

CELI DUE - The second level increases in difficulty from the first examination. Each component is weighted with 25 percent of the total marks and A, B and C (for pass) or D and E (for fail) grades are given upon evaluation.

CELI TRE - The third level examination continues increasing in the difficulty of the Italian involved. Components take up unequal percentages of the total result with speaking carrying 30 percent, writing sharing 20 percent each with listening and reading accompanied by the 'structural competence' component. Grades from A to E are also awarded.

CELI QUATTRO - The same applies with the fourth level with a heavier weighting for writing and listening.

CELI CINQUE - This level of examination is the highest level in the CELI examinations series with the writing weighting higher than the oral component. Again A, B and C grades are awarded upon successful completion.


The Certificazione dell'Italiano Commerciale, (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian for Business) or CIC is an internationally recognised qualification of the Italian language for business destined for foreigners wanting to validate their relative Italian fluency, offered by the Università per Stranieri di Perugia.

There are two CIC exams:

These certificates are designed to test Italian language ability used in the context of business. They are ideal if you are preparing for a career in business.