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Online French Skype/Zoom course

Continue learning French from the comfort of your own home or office when it suits you using Skype (or your preferred alternative platform).



Some useful information about our online Skype courses:


     All our tutors are native and experienced in distance-learning.

     You will keep the same teacher during your whole course.

     You will be sent homework by email after each session to be done for the following one.

     We will make sure that you feel comfortable with the tutor that will be assigned to you.

     You can choose the day and time of your sessions depending on your timetable.

     Sessions can vary from a week to another (day & time) provided that your teacher is available.

     Our Skype courses are renewable 10-hour modules for €300.00 all-inclusive each.

     Lessons lasts 60 minutes.

     Prior to your course, we will organise a free evaluation of your level via Skype. This will allow you to:

                   - Make contact with your tutor and add his/ her Skype ID to your contacts' list to make connection.

                   - Test your IT equipment (high-speed Internet connection, microphone and webcam),

                   - Get to know your teacher and discuss your objectives, wishes and course content directly with him/ her.

                   - Exchange emails with your tutor and test them so that you can be sent material and homework in the future.


A few tips to maximise your online lessons:


     - Make sure that your IT equipment is in good working order (high-speed Internet connection, microphone and webcam).

     - Check your background

     - Ensure the room used for online lessons is well lit (Natural light works best).

     - Make sure you are in a quiet environment before you start each lesson.

     - At the end of each lesson, clearly confirm the day and time of the next one directly with your teacher (a confirmation by email could follow the lesson).

     - If you have any suggestions for the following lesson (improvement of set up, content...), do not hesitate to discuss it with your tutor.


We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Therefore contact us on 01 853 2955 or at

as soon as possible if you need to cancel a lesson so that you are not charged.


Wishing you a great online course with us! 

We currently have one date available for the course "Online French Skype/Zoom course"

Start date: Thursday, 31st December 2020 Price: €300
Course Length: 10 weeks  
Course time: Your choice   Add to My Cart

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Course venue: Your home  
Further Detail: Note that the 31/12/20 date is not the starting date, but is to allow you to book the course UNTIL that date. All levels are available and all courses are tailor-made and delivered on a one-to-one basis.